Return reasons

Return Reasons


The most valuable thing you can gain from a customer's return is the data surrounding why the return was requested. The Return Reasons functionality is set up to capture that information.

  • Setting up Return Reasons
  • Customer Portal View
  • Accessing Data
  • Maintaining Product Data

Setting up Return Reasons

Return reasons are organized by parent and child reasons, with the ability to enable comments to help you get highly specific feedback on why products are being returned. We've pre-populated a few return reasons for you, but feel free to delete these and add your own. 

Adding return reasons: 

  1. Go to Settings > Reasons > Add return reason
  2. Insert the copy you would like to appear in this section and Save.
  3. To set up a child reason, select from the drop-down and repeat steps 1 & 2.
    1. Note: The copy for return reasons is completely customizable to suit your brand voice and product type. 

Enabling comments: 

  1. Enable an open type field response to a return reason at either the parent or child level by selecting the checkbox.
  2. Select whether you’d like to make the open type field response optional or required.
    1. Note: Comments are not available on the parent-level when a child-level reason has been added.

Editing parent or child reasons:

Your return reasons can be edited in real-time, just make sure to refresh the Loop Customer Portal to see the changes take effect.

  1. Select Edit on the right side of the reason to make changes. 
  2. Save changes.

To move a return reason: 

  1. Click-and-drag the dots on the left side to change the order of appearance in the customer portal.
  2. Save once complete. 

Viewing Return Reason Data

The Return Detail view:

In the return detail view, open field responses will display beneath each line item. Parent/child reasons and open type field responses are separated by a forward slash.

Generating return reason reports:

If you would like to see aggregated data on why products are getting returned, navigate over to Reporting > Reports in Loop Admin to export return reason reports by product, SKU and order line item. 

Note: Open field responses are included in the Return Reasons by Line Items report in the “comment” column. Comments are not included in the other reports because they are not grouped by product ID or SKU. 

Maintaining Product Data:

  • Deleting return reasons
    • It is only recommended to delete Return Reasons if they are not being utilized, as this will delete prior records. 
  • Editing existing reasons
    • In order to maintain the integrity of your existing return data, be sure to edit existing reasons to include an open type field response instead of recreating the same reason to enable the open type field responses. 

See the Reporting article for more information about how to use the reporting feature to gain key insights about how customers are interacting with your products.