Return Reason Overview


The most valuable thing you can gain from a customer's return is the data surrounding why the return is being requested. Return reasons help you capture this information. 

This this article you'll learn about: 

  • Setting Up Return Reasons
  • Viewing Return Reason Data

Setting Up Return Reasons

Return reasons are organized by parent and child reasons, with the ability to enable comments to help you get specific feedback on why products are being returned.  

Step 1: Edit all return reasons

  1. Navigate to Settings > Reasons > Return reasons in the Loop Admin
  2. Add, delete, re-organize all return reasons to suit your brand voice and product types
    1. To set up a child reason, select the drop-down, then select Add return reason
  3. We've pre-populated a few return reasons for you, but feel free to delete these and add your own
  4. If you'd like to enable comments, select the checkbox and select optional or required
    1. Comments are not available on the parent-level when a child-level reason has been added
  5. Select Save

Step 2: Add return reasons to the reason group

  1. Select Default Group
  2. View Return reasons 
  3. Add or delete reasons from your library, for this group
    1. To learn more about setting up return reasons by product type, visit this article
  4. Return reasons in the default group will be applied to all products, unless otherwise setup for return reasons by product type
  5. Select Save

Viewing Return Reason Data

There are two different places to view return reasons: 1) Within individual returns or 2) through a return reason report. 

In the return detail view, responses will display beneath each line item. Parent/child reasons and open type field responses are separated by a forward slash.

To generate a return reason report:

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Reports in the Loop Admin
  2. View Return Reasons and select from: 
    1. Return reasons by product
    2. Return reasons by SKU
    3. Return reasons by line items
  3. Fill in criteria of your choice
  4. If you'd like to download the report, select Export
Note: Open field responses are included in the Return Reasons by line items report in the “comment” column. Comments are not included in the other reports because they are not grouped by product ID or SKU. 


Why can't I edit existing reasons? Since we have return data being captured with return reasons, you can only disable or delete a return reason. 

Can I delete return reasons? Yes, but we only recommend deleting return reasons if they are not being utilized, as this will delete prior records. A better practice would be to just disable the reason from all groups.

Why are my return reasons not showing up? If you have recently edited your return reasons library, we recommend going back into your Reason Groups to ensure all reasons have then been added to the groups of your choice. 

Is there a limit to the number of return reasons I can add? Nope! Add as many as you'd like! 

Please reach out to with any additional questions.