Shopify Integration


The Loop Returns app exists as a Shopify application, and while Loop often integrates seamlessly, this article will cover some of the common integration questions.

Installation Message

Since Loop is not a public app, available on Shopify's App Store, you will receive a message (below), when installing Loop. This is a trusted message and you may proceed with the installation.

Shopify Prefixes & Tags

Loop applies a variety of prexies and tags to orders within Shopify. Below is an over of what those look like. 


LGC - Loop Gift Card added to every store credit gift card order that is sent over to Shopify, not customized

EXC - exchange order prefix that is added to every exchange order created in Shopify, customized through Loop Admin > Settings > General

Shopify Tags:

Gift Card - applied to original orders that received a Store Credit Gift Card return outcome

Refund - applied to original orders that received a Refund return outcome

LE:Exchange - applied to original orders that received an Exchange return outcome

LGC:#XXXX - applied to LGC prefix store credit gift cards, XXXX is original order number

#XXXX - applied to EXC prefix exchange orders, XXXX is original order number

Note: The ability to customize Shopify tags, from Loop, is not yet available


I attempted to install Loop, but Shopify would not allow me to complete the setup. This may occur if your Shopify account does not have Administrative access. To complete the setup, you will need access to install apps in Shopify. If you have Admin access and are still unable to complete the install, contact

Will I need a developer involved to complete this integration? Loop Basic & Pro setups can be completed without development assistance. Loop Plus with On-Store will require some developer assistance (this can generally be completed in about 2 hours). 

How should I test my Loop integration? Read more information on testing Loop here: Testing Your Loop Instance

I would like to change my Returns Portal URL. Please contact or your Account/Onboarding Manager to modify your Returns Portal URL.

If you have any other questions or are interested in installing Loop Returns, please visit: