Testing your Loop instance


If you adjust your settings or run into issues you need to troubleshoot, you may need to test your Loop install. This guide will detail steps on creating test orders in Shopify, submitting requests in the Customer Portal, and process returns in the Loop Returns admin

Testing the customer experience

In your Shopify admin (yourstore.myshopify.com/admin), go to Orders > Create order and complete the following steps:

Add a test customer to your order:

  1. In the Find or create a customer dropdown, add a test customer:
    1. We generally recommend adding yourself as the customer, however, this information will not matter as long as the address associated with the customer you choose includes a domestic zip or postal code.
    2. If you are testing Store Credit or Gift Cards, you will need access to the email associated with this order

Create and fulfill a test order in Shopify:

  1. Select 1-3 products.
    1. Choose products that do not have variants, products with variants, and products with product tags associated with them: 
  2. Click the "Add Discount" link
    1. Set a discount of 99.9% so that your sales reporting will not be impacted.
  3. Mark as paid to officially create your test order 

Fulfill your test order in Shopify

  1. Mark order “fulfilled” in Shopify so that it may be returned in the Loop Returns portal

Return your test order in the Loop Returns customer portal:

  1. Find and select returns portal in the lower left-hand corner of Loop admin.
    1. Copy the order number and zip code from the order created above and paste it into the customer returns portal.
  2. Move your test order through the Loop Returns flow
    1. It is your choice to exchange, refund for credit card or gift card, or use Shop Now depending on your Loop PlanNote: when making major portal changes, Loop recommends testing all four methods.
  3. Submit return to view the confirmation page
    1. This page will show your customized return instructions and whether labels are generating properly if this setting has been enabled (see shipping labels for more information).

Testing the Returns Workflow

Process an open-state return:

  1. Make sure you are in the Returns view (Loop admin > Returns)
  2. Find the order you just submitted by viewing the All or Open tab
    1. Select the corresponding order number that matches your Shopify test order
  3. Select the order to access the Process Return button in the upper right-hand corner. 
  4. Process your test return:

Other actions to test

Once you have created multiple returns following the steps above, you can test the following actions within each return:

Cancel a return in Loop admin:

  1. Test the Cancel Return button. When clicked, a confirm pop-up modal should appear, followed by a red banner.
    1. After canceling a return, you may resubmit a return for this order as long as it is still within the return window.
    2. See Managing Returns for more information.

Close a return in Loop admin:

  1. Test the Close Return button. When clicked, a grey closed banner should appear.
    1. Closing a return will lock the order and mark the item as ineligible to be returned through the portal, even if the order is still within the Return Window. 
    2. This can be overridden by whitelisting the order or product.

View the shipping label on your test order: 

  1. If you have labels turned on, verify that you can see a customers label by clicking the "label" text in the bottom right corner.  
    1. You can also verify that emailing another label works by clicking the Email Shipping Label button
      1. Note: You must have access to the email address associated with the order in order to view the email containing the label.
      2. Learn more about shipping labels here.

If you have any other questions or would like more information please reach out to us at support@loopreturns.com