International Lite


By default, international customers are directed to your support team when attempting to request a return. International Lite allows you to manage international returns in Loop.

Default International State

  • By default, customers from outside of your domestic country will see the following message when they enter their Order Number and Postal Code, and will be unable to proceed past this point, unless they contact your support team

International Lite

International Lite allows you to manage international returns in Loop. 

This feature:

  • Allows customers to use the portal to submit their return request
  • Offers refunds, store credit or exchange return outcomes
  • Provides the customer the address of your Destination & your return instructions upon completion of the request
Note: This feature does not support generating international labels.

Setting Up International Lite

  1. Visit Return Policies in your admin
  2. Select Create Return Policy
  3. Change Name to “International Lite”
  4. Set Returning from to “rest of world”
  5. Select Destination
  6. Enable Return Outcomes
  7. Adjust Return instructions so they support the steps for this example
Note: Customers will also receive a return confirmation email with return instructions and the return address listed

Managing International Lite Returns

  • International Lite returns will appear under Needs Review in your admin, with a small globe icon next to the Order
  • International Lite returns need to be processed manually (no tracking or processing events are associated with these returns)

Bypass Review 

If you would like International Lite returns to not be flagged as Needs Review, please enable the Bypass Review setting on your International Lite return policy by going to Settings > Return Policy and then click on your International Lite policy. Once you toggle on, press save

Enabling Bypass Review may be helpful if you have a significant number of returns that fall under the International Lite return policy. Another thing to make note of, all non-default (default is usually the first policy created) return policies are treated as International Lite as well. 

Please reach out to with any additional questions.