Pre-Discount Credit


When a customer originally shopped with a discount and then chooses to request a return for that item, this feature allows them to keep the same purchasing power on their Shop Now exchange.

Pre-Discount Credit

Loop can enable a feature called Pre-Discount Credit to offer the original value of discounted items in Shop Now instead of the price that was paid. Pre-discount can only be applied to the price of the item and cannot be applied to tax. Pre-discount credit can be turned on with any Loop plan.


  • Customer purchases a $138 product, using a 20% off discount code, spending $110.40
  • Customer initiates a return in Loop and chooses Shop Now
  • The customer can exchange for $138 worth of credit (plus Shop Now bonus, if applicable)
  • A refund or store credit outcome remains in the amount paid, $110.40
Note: If the customer does not use the discount credit in the Shop Now process, they will lose them

You can enable Pre-Discount Credit in the Loop Admin under the Shop Now section:


What if the customer doesn’t use their entire credit? 

The credit will work like the Shop Now bonus: if a customer originally spent $90 on a $100 item, when this feature is enabled, they will have $100 to shop with on Shop Now. If the customer exchanges for a $60 item, only using a portion of their credit, they will receive a $30 gift card or refund since they only paid $90 out of pocket, on the original order.

Does this work for Shop Now: On-Store? 

Yes. This feature is available to all Shop Now experiences, both In-App and On-Store.

Pre-Discount Credit vs. Shop Now Bonus Credit?

When both settings are enabled, the customer will receive both credits. 

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