Pre-Discount Credit


When a customer originally shopped with a discount and then chooses to request a return for that item, this feature allows them to keep the same purchasing power on their Shop Now exchange.

Pre-Discount Credit

Loop can enable a feature called Pre-Discount Credit to offer the original value of discounted items in Shop Now instead of the price that was paid. 


  • Customer purchases a $138 product, using a 20% off discount code, spending $110.40
  • Customer initiates a return in Loop and chooses Shop Now
  • The customer can exchange for $138 worth of credit (plus Shop Now bonus, if applicable)
  • A refund or store credit outcome remains in the amount paid, $110.40
Note: If the customer does not use the discount credit in the Shop Now process, they will lose them


What if the customer doesn’t use their entire credit? The credit will work like the Shop Now bonus: if a customer originally spent $90 on a $100 item, when this feature is enabled, they will have $100 to shop with on Shop Now. If the customer exchanges for a $60 item, only using a portion of their credit, they will receive a $30 gift card or refund since they only paid $90 out of pocket, on the original order.

Does this work for Shop Now: On-Store? Yes. This feature is available to all Shop Now experiences, both In-App and On-Store.

Please reach out to or your Onboarding/Account Manager, if you'd like to enable this feature.