Pre-Printed Label Tracking

What are Pre-Printed Labels?

Pre-Printed labels are Return Shipping labels mailed out with products to simplify the return experience for the customer. When a customer wishes to initiate a return, they will access Loop and note whether or not they still have their Pre-Printed label. If they have their label, Loop will use the tracking number associated with that label to track the return’s processing events. Pre-printed labels are available included in all Loop plans.

Merchant Setup and Experience

  • Pre-Printed label tracking is not a recommended setup, but can be implemented based on Merchant needs.
  • Pre-Printed Labels can be added to Loop manually or automatically based on Merchant needs and technical capabilities.
Manual Pre-Printed Labels Tracking
  1. The Merchant will create a CSV file (click for example format), the file should include: 
    1. Shopify Order ID 
      1. Please note, the Order ID is the ID number at the end of the order detail URL ex:
    2. Carrier Tracking Code
    3. Carrier Tracking String
      1. The Carrier Tracking String must the correct formatting, you can find a list of these in EasyPost’s API documentation
  2. Merchant will upload CSV via the PrePaid Labels field in Shipping Settings.

Note: Merchants manually implementing Pre-Printed Label Tracking will repeat these steps in regular intervals (1-3 business days).

Automated Pre-Printed Label Tracking
  1. To begin, have the merchant ensure pre-printed labels are enabled in Shopify.
  2. Use the order meta api endpoint in Shopify to add a tracking number and carrier to a specific order.
    1. The metafield api endpoint:
    2. Find more information here:
  3. Merchant will need to add the following meta fields to each order with a pre-printed label:

  • key: _tracking_number 
  • value: Their tracking number for that order 
  • value_type: string


  • value_type: string 
  • value: Your carrier (i.e. FedEx, USPS, DHL) 
  • key: _carrier 
  • namespace: can be set as needed (this will not impact the configuration)

Note: Once this setup is completed, Loop will read this metadata when a customer looks up the order and will associate that tracking number/pre-printed label with the order, unless the customer requests to generate a new label.

Customer Experience

Your customers will go through the following flow:

  • Customer receives shipping label in box including instructions to access Merchant’s Loop portal to request a return
  • Customer follows normal Loop Return request flow
  • Customer will see messaging explaining that a Pre-Printed label was included in their box
  • Customer has two options:
      • Messaging will appear stating “Done!”
      • Loop will track processing events based on the Pre-Printed label:
    • Option 2: I don’t have the pre-paid label
      • User will be sent the Return Confirmation page that provides a button that allows them to Download their Return Label
      • Return Label will be submitted via Return Confirmation Email
      • Loop will track processing events based on the EasyPost label

Please note:

  • If a customer clicks “CONFIRM YOU HAVE LABEL”, but later requests a new label, the CX team can generate an EasyPost label by clicking “Generate New Label” from the Return Details in Loop. They can then email this label to the customer by clicking “Email Shipping Label.”
  • If a customer clicks “I don’t have the pre-paid label” and submits the return with their Pre-printed label, Loop will not be able to track the return and the return will need to be manually processed.
  • If an order does not have a Pre-printed label associated with it, the customer’s return experience will not include the Pre-printed label messaging and an EasyPost label will generate automatically.
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