Shipping Overview


Under Settings > Shipping in the Loop Admin, merchants can edit their shipping labels and add/configure their shipping services to configure how returns/exchanges are shipped back.

In this article: 

  • Shipping Services
  • Label & Shipment Settings
  • Pre-printed labels 
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Shipping Services

Using shipping integrations, merchants can connect external fulfillment services such as: EasyPost, Pitney Bowes, Cycleon, and SEKO to their return policies. To learn more about setting up more than one shipping service, visit Shipping Services.

Under integrations, merchants can also configure which carriers are enabled for each shipping service by clicking 'Manage Integration' and toggling the available carriers off/on.

Label & Shipment Settings

In this section, merchants can modify the default shipping settings that will apply to the labels for the enabled integration services. 

  • Product weight default is used when no weight is available for the item from Shopify
  • Box weight default is used in addition to the product weight listed in Shopify (or the default weight listed in Loop if no weight is listed in Shopify). This is considered the average weight of your packaging used to send back returns. 
  • Set a default package width in inches 
  • Set a default package height in inches 
  • Set a default package length in inches

Pre-printed shipping labels

If you mail out a return label with your orders, you can associate those pre-printed labels to return orders through Loop. This setup is less common but fully supported by the app. Pre-printed labels can be generated automatically, manually and via Shopify’s API. 

  • Note: If this method is chosen, we recommend including a packing slip that includes detailed instructions about navigating to the Loop Portal and your Return Policy. However, it’s important to note that your customers may ignore this information and submit the return without notifying your team.

To set up pre-printed labels with a CSV upload:

  1. Contact Loop Support to add this feature to your Loop Admin Portal, and receive instructions on how to format the CSV.
    1. Note: this option is only available to shops on the Loop Plus plan
  2. Once this feature is added, find it in your Loop admin under Settings > Shipping > Prepaid Labels. Click the Choose File button and find the CSV you want to upload 
    1. Tip: Double check the instructions given to you by Loop Support to ensure that the CSV is in the correct format
  3. Click upload.

To learn more about Pre-printed and On-Demand labels, visit Generate Return Labels. 


What is the benefit of adding more than one carrier? If more than one carrier is enabled, rate shopping will automatically occur when the return is generated.

What is the benefit of adding more than one shipping service? This feature primarily benefits merchants who operate in multiple countries or regions, and need shipping services best suited for those parts of the world. Or, for merchants who have negotiated rates with specific carriers. 

What if there is no default product or box weight listed in Loop? Loop will use the default weights listed in Shopify.

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