Advanced Testing Scenarios


This article is meant to outline and guide you through additional testing you can complete prior to launching Loop. If you have not already reviewed the Testing Your Loop Instance article, please complete those tests prior to starting the advanced tests listed in this article.

These advanced tests are optional but we highly recommend including them in your testing plans prior to launching Loop to ensure all features and integrations you have set up are functioning correctly. It is only necessary to test the below scenarios that are applicable to your specific Loop instance.

Suggested Features and Scenarios to Test

  • Advanced Exchange options
  • Listings
    • Test both the Blocklist and the Allowlist
  • All enabled return outcomes  
    • Refund, store credit, exchange
  • Shop Now (In-app & On-store)
    • Choose an item of lesser value than the return credit
    • Choose an item of greater value than the return credit
  • Any special rules you have in your settings 
    • Policy Rules, Product Tags, Keep Item, Workflows, Product Destination Rules, Product Type Return Reasons
  • Common customer behaviors 
    • Returning multiple items in an order
    • Returning for two different outcomes
    • Exchanges of exchanges 

Test Applicable Integrations 

  • Third Party Apps
    • Common apps include Recharge, Rise, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Attentive, etc.
  • ERP 
    • NetSuite, Full Circle, Boxzooka, etc.
  • Warehouse / 3PL 
    • ShipHero, ShipBob, Bergen, Whiplash, Ruby Has, RLM, etc.
  • Any additional custom built integrations

Backend Testing for Your Customer Service Team

  • Process, cancel, close, flag a return
  • Editing a return
  • Adding notes to an order
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