Release Notes: February 2023

New Releases

Shop Later

Shop Later is Loop’s latest feature to help merchants retain more revenue and minimize dollars lost to refunds. With Shop Later, merchants can incentivize customers to convert their refund to exchange or store credit, after the return has been submitted. An email is sent to customers 24 hours after the return is submitted but before it has been approved.

Merchants using the feature see  an average of 3% of offers converting, meaning that Shop Later drives an additional 3% of returns that would have led to a refund being issued to a revenue retaining outcome instead*,* such as an exchange or store credit. Shop Later is available to any merchant on Loop’s Advanced plan.

To learn more, please review the Shop Later article.

Malomo Integration

The Malomo and Loop integration creates a deep link from Malomo’s branded tracking page into the Loop return portal. This allows customers to initiate a Loop return from the tracking page, removing the need for customers to insert their order credentials in Loop again.

Malomo x Loop is a fully branded, seamless experience where shoppers can:

  • Initiate a return or exchange right from the Malomo tracking page
  • Get full transparency about where an order, return, or exchange is

As a merchant, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Track all new, return, and exchange orders from a single customer tracking experience
  • Drive revenue with hyper-personalized CTAs throughout the entire post-purchase journey
  • Reduction in support tickets regarding the status of the return

This feature is available on all Loop plans.

To learn more, please review the Malomo article.

Shopify Fulfillment Network Integration

The SFN integration enables returns to get routed through SFN while still using the Loop returns platform. This means shoppers will receive an SFN label after submitting their return in Loop and items will be routed back to a SFN fulfillment center. Note that this is only available to merchants who are using SFN for their outbound shipments as well.

By routing returns to SFN, merchants get access to:

  • $3 bundled fee for 3-day return processing, inspection, and restocking
  • Product dispositions, detailed statuses, and inventory updates in your SFN app
  • Email notifications with inspection details, notes, and images for damaged items
  • Access to over 50,000 buyer drop-off locations with USPS and UPS

This feature is available on all Loop plans. To learn more, please review the SFN article.

Status Integration

Status is a customer account platform that helps Shopify Plus brands drive retention & LTV by automatically saving every step of the shopping journey.

By integrating Loop & Status, merchants can improve the returns experience by: • Automatically initiate return from Status to Loop without their order number or zip code • Enabling customers to return multiple orders with one login • Driving 20% more customers into your customer accounts.

To learn more, please visit the Status Integration article.

Fixes + Improvements

Workflows: Action Stacking

Workflows can now support multiple actions on a single workflow. Previously, multiple workflows would have needed to be set up in order for multiple actions to be taken based on the same condition. This useful enhancement to Loop’s rules engine delivers the ability to:

  • Create a single workflow to do what historically would take multiples to achieve.
  • Take multiple actions based on a customer input (answer to a question, photo upload)
  • For example, if the Workflow condition is return reason: item is damaged, then you could prompt the user to upload an image, and configure both keep item AND manual review actions to trigger

To learn more about, please visit the Workflows article. 

New Searchable Fields

New fields in a return are searchable in the Loop Admin! Going forward, returns can be searched by tracking number, state, zip, country or carrier. Please note that this will only work for returns made since Feb 1.

Needs Review Filtering & Timeline Events

Easily filter returns by Needs Review reason within the returns view and gain clarity into why a return was flagged for review within the return history. Needs Review is a critical area of the admin for managing returns that are flagged for review either by a ruleset, a manual action, or an error that prevents a return from processing.

By adding in the ability to filter returns by Needs Review reason and the ability to see the Needs Review reason in the return history, teams can more efficiently manage returns that require manual intervention.

Happy Returns Bag ID changes

Happy Returns is changing the field to look up returns information so they can re-use the pre-printed labels on the Happy Returns bags and be more sustainable by printing less labels. Previously, return details could be retrieved using the Happy Returns RMA ID but that is changing to the Return Bag ID.

This new ID will be available in the "package_reference" field in the below APIs and searchable in the Admin: 

The "package_reference" field can be used to connect a physical package to the return data, regardless of return method. If the return has a tracking label, the package_reference will be the label tracking number. If there is another identifier for the return based on the return method (eg. Happy Returns Bag ID), that identifier will be in package_reference.

Customized Carrier Service Types

We’ve updated the look and feel of this shipping carrier setting that was formerly called “Preferred Carrier Service Types.” This setting restricts label rate shopping to only the selected service types chosen and may result in no label being generated if the selected service types are unavailable. Please reach out to your Merchant Success Manager if you would like to enable this setting for your shop.

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