Viewing the Customer Returns Portal


The customer Returns Portal is what your customers will use to access Loop for requesting a return.

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How to Access the Returns Portal

There are two ways to access the Loop Returns Portal: 1) through the Loop Admin and 2) through the custom domain for your portal

Through the Loop Admin

  1. Navigate to Loop Admin
  2. In the bottom left corner, select Returns Portal
    1. The customer returns portal will open in a new browser tab

Through the Custom Domain

  1. If you know the URL to your customer portal, enter it into a browser URL bar (typical setup:
    1. This is the URL that you have dropped/will drop on your Return Policy page on your website
    2. To find the URL, access it through the Loop Admin


Once on your customer Returns Portal, you will see a variety of opportunities to brand the portal, specific to your brand's desires. See the Customizations article for ways to adjust these settings.


Can I change the domain name of my store‚Äôs Returns Portal? Yes, if you are on our Advanced, Pro or Plus plan. We recommend something like: or Please contact or your Onboarding/Account Manager to help with this set up.

Please reach out to with any additional questions.

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