Configuring Shop Now in Loop admin


Shop Now allows your customers to exchange for any product in your catalog right inside your portal. This in-app experience:

  • Uses existing Shopify product collections
  • Supports the return of multiple items & the purchase of multiple replacement products
  • Can implement a bonus that, when activated, can help your store capture upsell revenue

In this article:

  • Configuring Shop Now: tiered menu items
  • Connecting Stripe for upselling
  • Disconnecting Stripe
  • The customer experience: bonus credit

Configuring Shop Now collections

Shop Now utilizes the collections that you have set up in Shopify. To add collections in Loop admin:

  1. Navigate to Shop Now from your Loop admin menu, and click "Import Collections"
    1. Note: Collections may take more time to load depending on how many are in your Shopify store

  1. Once your collections are imported, select the "Add menu item" button to set up a top-level navigation item to represent one of your Shopify collections.
    1. Note: the Name field is what your customers see when exchanging from Shop Now.
  2. Once you’ve determined your top-level navigation, you may add nested second level navigation. 
    1. Select the arrow to the left of your menu item and click the "Add menu item" link that appears. 
    2. From here, you will repeat the same process as you did in step 3.
  3. Once your collections are in place, Save changes.

Updating Shop Now collections

If you add a new collection in Shopify, follow the steps outlined in the Configuring Shop Now collections section above to reconfigure your collections in the customer portal. 

Connecting Stripe for upselling

You may add a Stripe account to your Shop Now storefront to capture upsell revenue:

  1. To connect Stripe, click the Connect Stripe button under Shop Now
  2. From there, either enter the requested information to set up a new Stripe account or click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner
    1. Note: Once you have successfully connected Stripe, the button that previously read Connect Stripe will now read Disconnect Stripe

Disconnecting Stripe

  1. To disconnect Stripe, click the Disconnect Stripe button under Shop Now
    1. If there is an issue or it looks like Stripe is not disconnecting, please reach out to Loop Support for assistance. 

The customer experience: bonus credit

Once Shop Now is activated, the customer will reach Shop Now in one of two ways:

  1. While attempting an exchange for size/color, they will have the option to select a link that reads “Don’t see the product you want? Shop with return credit” at the bottom of the exchange modal 
  2. If the customer attempts a refund, they will see the option to Shop your store instantly with their return value
    1. This link can include a bonus if the user chooses to Shop Now instead of requesting store credit or a cash refund. Learn more in Return Policy Settings guide

Once they are in the portal, they will be able to add any product variants available in the collections you provided into their cart. 

If their items add up to more than they originally purchased plus the Shop Now bonus, the customer will be able to purchase the additional items and the funds will be added to your Stripe account.

  • Pro Tip: If nested navigation is used, your top-level item will send your customers directly to the first collection you nested beneath it in your portal. If nested navigation is not used, the top level collection will display the products you have available in that collection.


If a customer spends less than they did originally, what happens to the remaining funds?

If a customer spends less than they did on their original order, the Shop Now bonus is removed from the order and any remaining funds are refunded to them as Store Credit.

Why are my different colored variants all showing the same image in Shop Now?

You will want to ensure the different colored variants have pictures associated with them in Shopify. Shop Now will display the image associated with each variant in Shopify.