EasyPost Shipping Labels


Loop integrates with EasyPost, a third-party service, to provide your customers with automatically generated shipping labels. Once you provide EasyPost with a list of carriers you’d like to use, Loop shops available carriers and service types to provide you the lowest possible shipping cost. 

Setting Up EasyPost

To automatically generate return shipping labels for your customers, follow these steps: 

  1. Sign up for an EasyPost account, and enter your contact information to get started 
  2. Select your email address in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Select Billing
  4. Set up a Bank Account with EasyPost 
    • It is recommended that you set up a backup payment method, so they can fund your account even while waiting for a bank account transfer to complete
    • Bank account authorization will take 3-5 business days to complete
  5. Add a recharge amount and threshold so EasyPost can reload automatically when funds drop below the threshold
    • By default the recharge amount is set $100 and the recharge threshold is set to $0. Automatic recharges can sometimes take a few hours to go through, so we recommend you set your recharge threshold to an amount high enough to leave additional funds in the account while the recharge is pending 
    • This will ensure shipments don't get held up for insufficient funds

Note: only merchants who use USPS will be billed for labels via EasyPost. If you use another carrier, EasyPost will bill you for minor fees so you will still need a payment method on file. However, your carrier will bill you for the cost of labels. 

Best Practice: Merchants commonly load their account and set a reload amount to match their average 1-month return shipping cost. The reload amount can be adjusted later as needed. 

Carrier Support

After setup, EasyPost offers access to their USPS account without additional setup. Click here for EasyPost's USPS Rate Chart.

If you're using carriers other than USPS:

  1. From your EasyPost account, select your email address in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Select Carrier Accounts to connect your preferred carriers
  3. Once your carrier accounts are in place, notify your Onboarding Manager or email support@loopreturns.com, as some additional technical steps may be required
  4. Once your additional carriers are added to your EasyPost account and the carrier has been configured with Loop, EasyPost will purchase labels on your behalf using your negotiated rates 

Loop Admin Setup

  1. From your EasyPost account, select your email address in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Select API Keys
  3. Copy the Production API Key
  4. Navigate to Settings > General in the Loop admin
  5. Paste your EasyPost Production API Key into the EasyPost Key field on the page

In EasyPost:

In Loop Admin:


What carriers can Loop generate labels for? 

  • USPS
  • USPS Scan Based Returns
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Smart Post
  • DHL Global Mail
  • DHL eCommerce
  • CanadaPost
  • Purolator
  • DPD UK
  • AustraliaPost
  • RoyalMail

What happens to expired return labels? 

If a return expires without label movement, Loop will request a refund on your behalf from EasyPost. If you’d like to cancel a label manually for any reason, you can do so under Shipments in your EasyPost account.

What happens when packages is are overweight? 

It is up to the discretion of the carrier, see details below: 


USPS will automatically bill your EasyPost for the difference between what was originally paid and the actual cost of the label. 

Whenever there are adjustments from USPS, EasyPost will automatically send a webhook event for each shipment to notify users that adjustments have been made on your account. You can then generate a shipment_invoice report via API which will contain all the adjustments during the timeframe specified. 

Other carriers

Regarding other carriers, customers may have to pay the difference at drop-off. If you would like to be billed for the difference instead, we recommend contacting the carrier directly to evaluate options.  

If you have any questions about how Loop calculates package weight, we recommend reviewing the Weight section of the General Return Policy Settings article. 

Can additional information be added to barcodes?

Yes, depending on what carrier you use and what information you would like to add. 

Supported carriers

  • USPS
  • FedEx (FedEx Smartpost not supported)

Supported variables

  • Order number
  • Return ID

If there is a carrier or variable not listed that you are interested in, please reach out to support@loopreturns.com and we will let you know if we are able to support it. 

Can I use a free general domain email address (ex: gmail, yahoo, hotmail) to set up my EasyPost account? 

Yes, although EasyPost will require that you answer a few brief anti-fraud questions when doing so. Please answer the following questions and email them to support@easypost.com to activate your account. 

  1. What city and zip code will you be mostly shipping from?
  2. What kind of product are you generally shipping?
  3. About how many packages per month do you intend to ship through EasyPost?
  4. Can you provide us with the website and phone number for your business?

Are there any additional steps for setting up FedEx Smartpost?

Yes, if you are setting up FedEx Smartpost, EasyPost will have to manually enable returns on the backend of your account. To do this, please contact support@easypost.com and request this action. 

Once this step is complete, notify your Onboarding Manager or email support@loopreturns.com, as some additional technical steps may be required.

How do I test processing events with labels? 

  1. Use the "Test API Key" from your EasyPost account (Account > API Keys > Test API Key)
  2. In Loop, go to Settings > General and paste the Test API Key into the EasyPost Key field
  3. Go through the returns portal and submit a return for a test order
  4. EP will by default send webhooks at random intervals after label creation 
  5. EasyPost begins rolling through the statuses 1 minute after label creation and about 15-20 minutes after creation, the label is marked as delivered

Does Loop support UPS Surepost label service?

Unfortunately, at this time UPS Surepost does not support return labels. 

Please reach out to support@loopreturns.com with any additional questions.