Release Notes: July 2023


New Features

Exchange Tracking

Track by Loop now allows merchants to automate timely and relevant updates on shipping status and delivery of exchanges as well as returns. The tracking information is pulled through from the label generated for the exchange and shared with the customer. By proactively sharing exchange status updates, merchants can reduce the number of return-related tickets, specifically around customers asking about the status of their exchange.

Please read the Exchange Tracking and Return Tracking article to learn more.

Recurate Integration

Loop now integrates with top resale partner Recurate to send damaged and unsellable returns directly to a resale channel. This partnership makes integrating your existing resale program or starting a new one easy.

Resale programs can help brands:

  • Maximize recovery rate on returns

  • Decrease carbon footprint

  • Acquire new customers

  • Increase customer loyalty

This version of the Loop x Recurate integration specifically allows you to save money on shipping by efficiently routing certain returns directly to Recurate through conditions set in your Loop portal. Loop merchants must have access to multiple destinations and destination rules in Loop to leverage this integration.

Read the Resale Partners Integration article to learn more. If you want to learn more about Recurate, please visit their website.

Destinations API

Loop has released a Destinations APIs for creating, updating, and retrieving destination name and address are now available.

Historically, destinations could only be updated in the admin but now they can be edited via API as well. This is valuable in scenarios where a merchant is managing many destinations or needs the ability to add new ones quickly.

Australia Post QR codes

Merchants that ship with Australia Post will now have QR codes embedded into shipping labels. This gives your shoppers the choice of either printing their label, or simply showing the QR code from their mobile device. This provides a convenient, printerless return experience for your Australia shoppers.

This is available to all Loop merchants shipping with Australia Post through EasyPost. There is no action is needed to enable QR codes.

Fixes & Improvements

Loop Point of Sale Updates

Loop Point of Sale (POS) app had the following improvements this month:

  • See details on original payment method when completing a transaction (example: Mastercard ending in 1111)

  • Get details on which store the exchange order took place in with location_id now populating on all exchange orders through POS

  • Ensure the entire order number populates in order summary view when associates complete order lookup by name or email

ShipHero Integration Self-Install

Merchants using ShipHero for returns processing at the warehouse can now setup the integration directly within the Loop admin! This sets up a 2-way integration between ShipHero and Loop such that RMAs are automatically created in ShipHero and the returns are processed in Loop based on the warehouse status.

To learn more, please review the ShipHero integration article.