Gorgias Integration: Returns Data


With Loop & Gorgias working together, you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns data right inside your Gorgias admin. Stay focused and close tickets faster by viewing refund status, shipping status, return reasons, and more in the same window you use to talk to customers. Gorgias owns and maintains this integration. 

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If you are interested in our other Gorgias integrations, please refer to their Help Article’s listed below for:

  • Gorgias Integration: Chat Widget - Include Gorgias’s chat widget directly within the returns portal to help ensure that customers get an outcome they love, and any support they need while returning. 
  • Gorgias Integration: Initiate Return Allow customers to initiate a Loop return directly from the self-service portal in the Gorgias chat widget and Help Center.

Getting Started

To access the Gorgias x Loop integration, you will need to be on Loop's Plus plan or have the Integrations add on. Please contact your Merchant Success Manager for more information.

If you are not yet using Gorgias and you would like to learn more about their helpdesk, visit Gorgias x Loop.

Important: The install process below is new. If you installed Gorgias before March 2023 using the previous method, please reconfigure the integration using the process outlined below. 


You will need an active Gorgias account and an active Loop Plus account to use this integration.

  1. In the Loop admin, head over to Settings > Integrations and enable the Gorgias tile 
    1. If you do not see the Gorgias tile, please contact your Account Manager or support@loopreturns.com to enable this for your instance
  2. Once the integration is enabled, you will be prompted to enter your Gorgias Subdomain
  3. After you have entered the subdomain, hit Save
  4. After that, you will be redirected to a screen on the Gorgias interface to confirm authorization
  5. Once the "authorize" button is clicked, it will redirect back to the Loop Integrations Settings page, the Gorgias tile will be toggled on to indicate the integration has been enabled. 

Note: When testing the Loop x Gorgias integration, be sure to tie an email to your test order in Shopify that has a different domain than the email your Gorgias account is tied to.

How it works

The current version of the integration will update return data when the following trigger events happen in Gorgias: a ticket is created, a ticket is updated, or a ticket is responded to. 

To update your returns data manually, simply add an internal note on any open or closed ticket, for example: “Update”. This will refresh your returns data with the most up-to-date information. 

We will be updating this integration in the near future with improvements and recommendations from our brands, so please let us know of any feedback! 

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