Gorgias Integration: Returns Data


With Loop & Gorgias working together, you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns data right inside your Gorgias admin. Stay focused and close tickets faster by viewing refund status, shipping status, return reasons, and more in the same window you use to talk to customers. Gorgias owns and maintains this integration. 

In this article:

  • Getting Started
  • Setup

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Getting Started

To activate the Gorgias integration, you will use an API Key available on Loop Plus. If you are on Loop Plus, follow the instructions below.

To access the Gorgias x Loop integration, you will need to be on Loop's Plus plan or have the Integrations add on. Please contact your Merchant Success Manager for more information.

If you are not yet using Gorgias and you would like to learn more about their helpdesk, visit Gorgias x Loop.

Setup Instructions

You will need an active Gorgias account and an active Loop Plus account to use this integration.

  1. In your Gorgias admin, navigate to Settings > Integrations > HTTP Integrations

  2. Click Add HTTP Integration
  3. Name the integration Loop Returns.
  4. Activate the following Triggers:
      • Ticket created
      • Ticket updated
      • Ticket message created
  5. Enter the following URL exactly as its written here: 
  6. Set the HTTP MethodGET
  7. Update the Response content type:  application/json
  8. Click Add header
  9. Set the Key : X-Authorization

Now, you will get your API Key from Loop and enter it in the “Value” section.

To get your API Key, you will need Developer Tools active in your Loop Admin. If you do not see Developers in your admin and you're on Loop's Plus plan or have the Integrations add on, please contact support@loopreturns.com

10. Login to Loop

11. Navigate to Settings > Developers.

12. Click Generate API Key

13. Select “Return”, “Cart”, “Order”, and “Report”. Click Generate.

14. Copy the API key. 

15. Add the Loop API Key to your Gorgias admin under Value

16.  Click Add integration 

You will now test your integration to confirm data is flowing correctly from Loop into Gorgias. 

To do that, you will trigger the integration with a customer that has an existing EXCHANGE request in Loop.

17. Navigate to the Loop Admin under the Returns tab and click on an open exchange request.

18. Copy the customer’s email address.

19. Head back to Gorgias Helpdesk, navigate to Customers > Search Customers and paste the customers email address in the search bar.

20. Click the customer profile. 

21. Inside the customer profile, click Create ticket

22. In the newly created ticket leave an internal note “Loop Integration Activation”. This will activate your integration. 

23. Click the Settings Wheel in the upper right corner to Edit Widgets. 

24. Scroll down to HTTP Data to find Loop Returns. 

25. Drag the Loop Returns box to the right side of your widgets column. The widget is now active. 

You will now edit your Loop Returns widget to display only the information that is most valuable to you and add hyperlinks to quickly navigate between Gorgias & Loop. 

26. Edit the widget title by clicking the settings wheel next to the HTTP Title. 

27.  Enter the following information & click Submit.

Make sure that the link corresponds to the customer return portal of your store, for example https://gorgias-store.loopreturns.com/. This will create a direct link to your customer return portal from the Gorgias Helpdesk.                                        

28. Delete Query by hovering over the section and clicking the red X. This section includes data already available in your Gorgias admin. 


29. Scroll down to the section Data (list), hover over the section and click the settings wheel to edit the title & link of the section. Enter the information exactly as follows, and click Submit.

                              Return {{order_name}}: {{state}}                      https://admin.loopreturns.com/returns/{{id}}

 This creates a direct link to your Loop admin for any return you are viewing in Gorgias. 

30.   On the Returns section you can now edit and organize all relevant fields. 

Note: You can click on a field to edit the Name and Type, changing how the data is displayed. 

Below are the recommended list of fields, in order:     


31. Edit the Exchanges (list) section by clicking the settings wheel. This section corresponds to items being received by the customer. Use the following Title, and leave Link empty: 

32. Add the fields that are useful to you for exchanged items. We recommend the following fields, in order:

33. Edit the line_items (list) section by clicking the settings wheel. This section corresponds to items being returned to you. Use the following Title, and leave Link empty: 

34. It’s recommended to drag the Return Items section above the Exchange Items section in your widget. 

35. In the Return Items section, add the fields that are useful to you for returned items. We recommend the following, in order: 


The current version of the integration will update return data when the following trigger events happen in Gorgias: a ticket is created, a ticket is updated, or a ticket is responded to. 

To update your returns data manually, simply add an internal note on any open or closed ticket, for example: “Update”. This will refresh your returns data with the most up-to-date information. 

We will be updating this integration in the near future with improvements and recommendations from our brands, so please let us know of any feedback! 

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