Release Notes: April 2023

Release Notes provides updates on new features and fixes and improvements Loop released in the past month.

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New Releases

  • Loop Returns Tracking
  • Coming Soon: Shopify Returns API

Fixes + Improvements

  • Go Green Banners
  • Return Method Selector

New Features

Loop Returns Tracking

Loop Returns Tracking allows merchants to provide relevant updates on the Return Status Page, helping develop trust with transparent and timely return status notifications.

  • Customers can now see the status of their return and tracking updates without needing to manually enter their tracking number online.
  • Helps reduce return-related ticket inquiries, such as “Where is my return?” or “Where is my refund?”
  • Notifies customers if there is a delivery error of the return package
  • Integrates with Gorgias to automatically create a Help Desk ticket if there is a delivery error

This feature is available for Advanced, Pro, and Plus merchants.

To learn more, please visit the Returns Tracking Help Center article.

Coming Soon: Shopify Returns API

Loop's enhanced integration with Shopify provides increased visibility for merchants within both platforms. This will facilitate a closer integration between Loop and Shopify to further enhance the returns experience for merchants.

There is no action needed to enable this feature. We will be rolling this out in phases beginning in early May. Impacted merchants will be notified ahead of rollout and we will continue to provide updates along the way.

Once the feature is enabled, Loop returns will show as in-progress and completed on an order in Shopify:

  • Returns created in Loop will now reflect in Shopify with a corresponding "Return in Progress" indicator.
  • Returns processed in Loop will also reflect in Shopify.Returns canceled/closed in Loop will also reflect as canceled/closed in Shopify.

If returns that are cancelled or closed in Shopify, those actions will also take place in Loop.

  • Returns canceled in Shopify will also reflect as canceled in Loop.
  • Returns closed in Shopify will also reflect as closed within Loop.
    • Please note that this is different from the return being processed, the outcome will not be processed
    • Outcomes will not be issued and the returning items will not be returned or restocked if the return is closed in Shopify.

To learn more, please visit the Shopify Returns API article.

Fixes + Improvements

Go Green Banners

Our data shows us that 88% of shoppers would be more likely to shop again if presented with eco-friendly return options. Knowing how much shoppers care about sustainability and that it can boost brand sentiment and LTV, we’ve armed you with tools to be successful when it comes to sustainability.

The feature update includes:

  • For all standard Box & Ship returns – encourage shoppers to re-use their original packaging to decrease their carbon footprint
  • If you use Loop x Happy Returns – show a green leaf tooltip next to the “Drop off at Happy Returns Locations” option, pointing out that it’s a sustainable return option
  • If you use the Keep Item feature – show sustainability-focused text telling shoppers that you’re asking them to not ship their return back in an effort to reduce waste

To learn more, please review the Sustainable Return Practices article.

Return Method Selector

The return method selector has been updated to show handling fees for all available returns methods instead of only the selected one. Additionally, if there is more than one return method available, there will not be a default selection, allowing the shopper to more easily see and choose between all return methods.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please reach out to

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