Viewing returns in Loop admin


In order to view all returns requests Loop, navigate to Loop admin > Returns.

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Returns Tab Organization

The Returns view has a series of tabs that represent the various stages of return order processing status.

To view by processing status:

  1. Toggle between the All, Open, Needs Review, Cancelled, Closed and Expired tabs (see FAQ for more information on the meaning of each status)
    1. These stages of return order processing are also reflected in the Status column

Search and Filter Returns 

You may search and filter within each tab to bring up specific order results.

To use the search feature:

  1. Select the search bar
    1. Search by order, customer name or email address to bring up specific order results within each tab

To filter returns by shipping status and type:

  1. Select the filter dropdown
    1. Sort returns by shipping status and type. You may select multiple filters at a time
    2. NOTE: The Needs Review tab does not have filter functionality at this time

Returns View 

The columns in the returns view contain information related to the order, type of refund, and shipping and processing status:

  • Original order: the Shopify order number associated with the customer’s original purchase
  • Date: the date the return was initiated
  • Return type: the type of return the customer has requested
    • Options: Refund, Exchange, Gift Card, and Shop Now 
      • Note: there can be multiple return types (shown as tags) associated with an order
  • Shipping Status: The shipping status is an update on where a package is at along its route to your warehouse
    • Options: No label, New, Pre-transit, In-transit, Out for delivery, Delivered, Other
      • Note: automatic processing events for return outcomes are based on the shipping status. 
  • Status: where in the return & exchange process the customer’s request is
    • Options: Open, Cancelled, Closed, and Expired
  • Total: the total price of the refund, exchange, gift card, or upsell    
    • Note: upsell and Shop Now purchases are listed as positive numbers

To edit, process, cancel or close an individual return:

  1. Select the return that you would like to process, or view more detailed information here  
Note: The time zone in the Loop admin is the current system's local time zone. 


What are the stages of return order processing and what do they mean?

The stages of return order processing are Open, Needs Review, Cancelled, Closed and Expired:

  • Open: requests that have yet to be processed
  • Needs Review: requests that have a block in processing
    • Note: A return request might appear here if an item is Out of Stock or has Insufficient Funds. Learn more here (Return detail KB).
  • Canceled: any return request that has been canceled in Loop admin. 
  • Closed: any return request that has been processed or manually closed. 
  • Expired: any return & exchange that has not been sent back according to the shipping label status provided
    • Labels must be in a new or pre-transit state for this process to start
    • Note: all labels expire after 28 days. Learn more here

What happens when a return request has expired? 

Once expired, the return request will be marked expired and the return will be released. This allows for re-return or exchange (as long as it is within the designated Return Window.

Notifications sent to customer:

  1. 21 days after initiating their return, an email will be sent to the customer reminding them to mail their return if they haven’t already
  2. After 28 days, a second email will be sent to the customer notifying them that their label has expired, no longer works, and to reach out to your team if they need to.
    1. After expiring, it takes around 14 days for the label refund to be sent to the merchant
    2. If a label is scanned by the 28th day, this process will not try to refund the label’s price

In Loop admin:

  1. A timer indicator will appear on the All or Expired Return tabs
    1. This indicates that the label is set to expire soon 
    2. Labels must be in a new or pre-transit state for this process to start
    3. NOTE: Expired items can also be "In Review" due to insufficient funds or the items being out of stock
  2. A banner will appear on the return detail page
    1. This banner indicates that the return is set to expire soon
  3. Once the return has expired, the item will be released from the Loop system, moved to the Expired tab of Returns page, and the customer can return it again if it is still in the allowable return window
  4. The return detail will be marked as expired with an expired banner along the top

What do the icons next to the order number indicate?

Icons next to the order number denote an important warning or note regarding the return (icons may appear slightly different in Loop admin):

  • ⚠️  –  return requests that have a block in processing 
  • ⏲️  – return labels set to expire
  • 🗒️ – contains a note in the return information
  • 🎁  –  anything that was returned as a gift
  • 🌐 – an international return

Check out the Return Detail article to learn more about how to view information about each return, exchange or upsell transaction.

If you have any other questions or would like more information before installing, Loop please reach out to us at
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