Different Priced Exchanges


Different Priced Exchanges is a feature that allows customers to freely exchange for product variants that are set at different price points, without capturing up-sell. This supports different-priced variants, as well as price changes. In this article you will learn about: 

  • Different Priced Variant Examples
  • Price Change Examples
  • Customer Experience

Different Priced Variant Examples

Different Prices Exchanges will allow customers to freely exchange when a product has different priced variants, without capturing up-sell.


Your store sells size 13 & up men's shoes for $5 more than size 12 & below. 

  • Customer buys size 12 men's shoe
  • When Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, the customer an exchange for a size 13 of the same shoe, without paying the additional $5
Note: If using the feature Advanced Exchanges, Different Priced Exchanges must be enabled, since Advanced Exchanges disregard price

Price Change Examples

Different Priced Exchanges will also allow customers to freely exchange when a products variants’ price has changed. 


On August 15, 2020, the price of your Short Sleeve Henley increased from $40 to $45.

  • Customer buys a medium, black Short Sleeve Henley on August 10, 2020
  • When Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, the customer can exchange for a different size or color on August 20, 2020, without paying the additional $5

Customer Experience

  • If Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, customers will be able to create an variant exchange as usual
  • If Different Priced Exchanges is disabled and you have different priced variants on the product or have changed the price of the product, customers will see an "Item not eligible" message:


Does this feature apply to Shop Now: In-App or On-Store? No. This feature is only inclusive of in-line exchanges, which are different variants of the same product. 

What if I don't want to enable this feature, but I don't want customers to see the 'Item not eligible' error message? You can disable in-line exchanges by going to Loop Admin > Settings > Return Policies or divide your store's different priced variants into separate products within Shopify. Disabling in-line exchanges will still allow for Shop Now to function, if enabled.

Please contact support@loopreturns.com or your Onboarding Manager, to get the feature enabled.