Different Priced Exchanges


Different Priced Variant Exchanges is a feature that allows customers to freely exchange for product variants that are set at different price points, without capturing up-sell or refunding down-sell, and is available on all plans within Loop. This supports different-priced variants, as well as price changes. In this article you will learn about: 

  • Different Priced Variant Examples
  • Price Change Examples
  • Customer Experience

Different Priced Variant Examples

Different Priced Variant Exchanges will allow customers to freely exchange when a product has different priced variants, without capturing up-sell or refunding down-sell.


Your store sells size 13 & up men's shoes for $5 more than size 12 & below. 

  • Customer buys size 12 men's shoe
  • When Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, the customer can exchange for a size 13 of the same shoe, without paying the additional $5
Note: If this feature is enabled and the customer is exchanging for something of lesser value, they will not be refunded the price difference. It will act as an "even exchange" in both variant exchanges and Advanced Exchanges.

Price Change Examples

Different Priced Exchanges will also allow customers to freely exchange when a products variants’ price has changed. 


On August 15, 2020, the price of your Short Sleeve Henley increased from $40 to $45.

  • Customer buys a medium, black Short Sleeve Henley on August 10, 2020
  • When Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, the customer can exchange for a different size or color on August 20, 2020, without paying the additional $5

Customer Experience

  • If Different Priced Exchanges is enabled, customers will be able to create an variant exchange as usual
  • If Different Priced Exchanges is disabled and you have different priced variants on the product or have changed the price of the product, customers will see an "Item not eligible" message:


Does this feature apply to Shop Now: In-App or On-Store? No. This feature is only inclusive of Advanced Exchanges and Variant Exchanges, which are different variants of the same product.

What if I don't want to enable this feature, but I don't want customers to see the 'Item not eligible' error message? You can disable in-line exchanges by going to Loop Admin > Settings > Return Policies or divide your store's different priced variants into separate products within Shopify. Disabling in-line exchanges will still allow for Shop Now to function, if enabled.

Please contact support@loopreturns.com or your Onboarding Manager, to get the feature enabled.

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